The Top Down Bottom Up! Time Management Program ™ harnesses the power of time and makes the clock work for you.


Top-down Bottom-up Time Management ™

Time is the most precious resource people have. To make the most effective use of time, TDBU Time Management recognizes two realities: to be most effective, people must manage their time “Top-down.” That is, how they allocate their time and their daily, weekly, or monthly activities must be driven by the goals and objectives they must accomplish for themselves and for their organizations. The second reality is that most of us have more demands on our time than can realistically be accomplished.

So, we must also manage “Bottom-up” in how we deal with the dozens or hundreds of personal contacts, e-mails, text messages, voice mails, phone calls, tweets that demand time and attention every day…we need to have a great “Bottom-Up” System for managing the mess efficiently.

In TDBU Time Management, participants will:

  • Develop the ability to manage multiple priorities and multiple stimuli coming at them from multiple sources in a rapidly changing, high-stress environment;
  • And build the skills to set long-term goals and then translate those goals into daily and weekly activities that enable them to be most effective.

They will be able to:

  • Set personal and professional goals and objectives and identify the highest priority uses of their time;
  • Allocate their individual time to most effectively hit their goals;
  • Delegate tasks to the resources most capable of performing the work within time, budget and other constraints;
  • Analyze how they currently spend their time versus how they want to spend their time to enable them to be most effective;
  • And develop and implement their own personal system for effectively and efficiently managing the tasks and activities they are responsible for.