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April 18, 2011Leaders challenge their own mental models.

Leaders are responsible for generating results, or Outcomes, as illustrated in the Thinking-Action-Outcomes™ model below.  Those results are determined by the Actions that leaders take.  Hence, most leaders and management development courses focus their attention on technique and actions – more effective ways to set goals, feedback and coaching tactics, how to inspire people or how […]

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April 18, 2011Play 3 Critical Roles: Learner – Teacher –Steward around a core of Character

Many people define – either implicitly or explicitly – leadership as performing a series of common tasks like Planning, Staffing, Delegating (or Assigning), Controlling (or Influencing), etc. Leaders must perform those tasks well.  However, performing them well is insufficient to effectively leading the organization.   Great leadership requires going far beyond performing those tasks well.  It […]

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